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Do You Have The Right People

Doing The Right Thing?


Today’s rapid changes often overwhelm existing management and operations structures. Needed skills for a job frequently change, but the person performing that job may or may not change with them.


Objective: Insure that your organization is maximizing its moist valuable assets, thus allowing you to function at your maximum efficiency potential. Satisfied and fulfilled employees produce better results as a lower cost. Plus, it restores joy to the workplace!


Core Strategy: Objectively determine if you currently have the right people doing the right jobs through an on-site operations audit and give you seasoned, objective and detailed step-by-step guide to how your organization can adapt to the realities of your current team and today’s marketplace challenges.


First I want to share two basic tenants of my consulting services:

 ~ How you use the financial resources you have is as important, if not more important, than how large your resources are.

 ~ Usually the difference between good and excellent is how you handle the details.


Scope of Service: The following key steps will be used in the audit and ensuing Assessment Summary Analysis & Critical Success Factors Recommendations. I am available to audit a single department or your entire executive and management team.


On Site Organizations & Operations Assessment: Here I will seek to gain a more thorough understanding of your mission, operations and future plans in order to ensure that the counsel I provide and any recommendations I propose are compatible and appropriate for your organization’s human and financial resources. Typically this requires a two or three day on-site visit to your facility to meet one-on-one with you and your key management and administrative staff members to gain as much insight about your situation as possible. I will be seeking to objectively discover your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and opportunities. To be most effective it will require you and your staff being brutally honest and willing to address some tough questions without fear of repercussions. Of course we will mutually agree on the scope of the audit, but it is usually most effective if focus on the areas of your greatest concern. Very likely you already have some sense of where the most serious problems may lie and I find it is usually wise to examine those areas first.


Assessment Summary Analysis & Critical Success Factors Recommendations: This will be a thorough and detailed written analysis of what I learned through the on-site visit with you and your team leaders. Frequently CEO’s find this confidential document quite revealing and interesting. My interviews should have helped me uncover a number of critical needs. The analysis will prioritize and document each of these critical needs plus propose one or more possible solutions for each. The proposed solutions will include the key steps necessary for their implementation. Successful implementation may very well require some reallocation of resources.


I will give particular attention to crafting a strategy that will resolve the most serious issues. I will also want to consider how you might better exploit current revenue streams and identify potential new ones.


My goal will be for you to receive this document within 12 to 18 business days following my visit. Once you’ve looked it over I will be available to discuss any questions or clarifications you may have.


You may desire one or more follow-up on-site visits to assist with or monitor implementation and fine-tuning of my recommendations or we may be able to accomplish much of it via phone and e-mail. These decisions can be made at the appropriate time in the future.


Cost & Terms: Typically an On-site Assessment and the subsequent analysis and recommendations as described above will require 45-60 hours @ $150 per hour plus expenses. If we can agree to this, I am willing to reduce my hourly rate to $125 per hour plus expenses for subsequent ongoing future or follow-up counsel—logged in tenth hour increments. Invoices are issued at the end of the month for all time and expenses incurred that month and are payable upon receipt.


Unless something unforeseen arises, I am also willing to commit to not exceeding a 60 hours billing amount for the assessment and analysis, even if the actual time required is more. If it is less than 60 hours, I will only invoice you for the actual time involved.


I look forward to the possibility of serving Him through serving you!


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