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Are You Unintentionally Sending

Negative Messages To Your Donors?


Your most recent donor mailing is the best you’ve ever created! The response has been so good that is has buried your receipting department and donors aren’t receiving their receipts until 45 to 50 days after sending you their gift. After the last receipt is finally sent, you take deep breath and say to yourself, “Well we weathered that storm successfully.” Wrong! You just sacrificed the future on the altar of the immediate. Monthly donors, the true gems among your donor base, have just been given an almost insurmountable barrier to give your ministry twelve gifts this year. Unintentional consequences of your donor communications messages and process are costing you dearly, but it doesn’t have to continue. I can objectively audit and monitor your communications efforts for you and show you how to avoid unnecessarily ‘leaving money on the table’.


Objective: Maximize the consistency and effectiveness of every communication event you have with ministry constituents and potential donors through removing any unintentional messages or barriers in your communication pieces and processes.


Core Strategy: I need to familiarize myself with your overall communications activities. The quickest way to do this is to conduct an on-site visit where I can visit with the key staff persons responsible for the current donor/constituent communications process. This typically includes key creative, production, mailing, in-mail processing, in/out phone, website, and donor development staffers. This can usually be accomplished in 1 to 2 days.


Following this information gathering I will draft a summary report of findings identifying any problem or questionable areas along with specific and detailed recommended solutions. You can expect to receive this written summary within 12 to 18 business days following my visit.


In addition I will want to have my name and address added to virtually every donor communications effort you organizations issues. I will log in each piece, thoroughly critique each one from a user-friendly perspective and alert you via a detailed monthly report of every potential item that could result in undermining your communication mission by sending an intentional message or creating an unnecessary barrier to constituent response. I will be available to meet in person or via phone periodically to discuss these concerns and offer cost effective solutions.


The stakes can be high. Over a two year period, one large ministry client was able to increase donor revenues by several millions of dollars at no additional cost as a result of this service.   


Cost & Terms: Typically an on-site information gathering and assessment and visit require 40-60 hours @ $150 per hour plus expenses. I’ll be happy to provide you a specific project proposal upon request. With a Ministry Communications Audit agreement, I am willing to reduce my hourly rate to $125 per hour plus expenses for subsequent ongoing future or follow-up counsel—logged in tenth hour increments. Invoices are issued at the end of the month for all time and expenses incurred that month and are payable upon receipt.


            The monthly critique and reports will be priced based on the number and complexities of your communications activities. We will mutually negotiate the most favorable monthly fee possible.



I look forward to the possibility of serving Him through serving you!


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