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Increase Your Backlist Profits


Objective: Increase the Return On Investment your organization’s product development dollars through extending the product life of the top-selling 50-100 products and ultimately maximizing the sales of those products.

Core Strategy: Review and evaluate all the key components of each qualifying product to identify the most cost efficient steps necessary to accomplish the above objective.


Scope of Service: The following key steps will be used in the review and evaluation process.

  1. Physically review each qualifying product with regard to:

    1. Title

    2. Sub-title

    3. Back Cover/Jacket copy

    4. Front & Back Cover Design

    5. Alls sales and promotional copy and design efforts for the product (Catalog, brochures, advertisements (print/broadcast), web-site, etc.)

    6. Chapter headings and introductions/

    7. Other selected content

    8. Author credits & pix (if applicable)

    9. Any existing target audience sales and demographic data.

    10. All POS materials

  2. This process will consider among other things: What are the likely key elements of the product’s success to date? What should not change? What can/should be cost effectively revised or altered? How might that best be accomplished? Etc.

  3. Craft a detailed step-by-step ‘Life Extension’ strategy for each title/product/product line reviewed. This document will essentially serve as a roadmap for revising each product along with appropriate specific sales and marketing recommendations.

  4. Submit a final recommended “Product Life Extension Strategy” document to the appropriate product development and marketing staff person(s).  An alternative approach to this step will be to present the findings and recommendations in person if preferred.

  5. In addition your backlist, you may want to also consider having me review several of your products that may be currently out of print for possible revision and reintroduction to the market.


Cost of Service: In considering how best to fairly price this unique service I am proposing a two-level declining cost per product based on the actual number of products addressed. My reasoning is that after evaluating the first 30-50 products a pattern will evolve that will make it easier to review and craft a strategy for the remaining products. Here is what I suggest.


First 50 products:           $200 each

Products 51 – 100         $125 each


In addition to the professional fee, any related out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of postage, printing, long distance phone calls, travel, lodging, etc will be charged to you for reimbursement. If you require a visit to your offices, there will be an additional $1,000 per day fee. Typically this would be a one and a half to two day trip. No consequential travel and lodging expenses will be incurred without your prior approval. Invoices will be issued at the end of each month for the work completed that month. All invoices are payable upon receipt.


A companion service of helping you find a potential publisher to acquire publishing rights of your out-of-print titles is also available.


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