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A representative list of various client projects to help you

understand more specifically how I might serve you and your team

CLIENT: A 30 year old youth and small group resource and curriculum publisher.

Problem:  Needed assistance with new product development and its marketing efforts to churches.

Solution:  GDFC (Gary D. Foster Consulting) revised and upgraded their catalog.

Result:  An immediate 20%+ sales increase PLUS GDFC helped develop several new product lines that experienced very successful market reception.  50% of the company revenue is generated from book sales at seminars led by the company president.  We helped them develop, package and market a video of CEO's basic seminar, thus allowing him to consecrate on higher priced, multiple-day training products which generate a much higher ROI from both tuition and resource sales.  The video itself has boosted sales significantly as well.


CLIENT: A growing Christian video company selling direct to larger churches strictly by telephone.

Problem:  They wanted to enter the Christian bookstore market.

Solution:  I developed a low cost strategy for entering the CBA trade.

Result:  Within 90 days brought immediate success and the total business grew by approximately 50% in less than 3 years.  I also developed a direct mail strategy and package for penetrating medium to smaller size churches with the same product repackaged at a lower price, thus giving product an extended life which significantly increased ROI and profitability.


CLIENT:  Christian children's book publisher.

Problem:  Needed a novel and cost effective way to promote a new children's Bible storybook.

Solution: Guided the innovation and development of a "talking shelf talker" for the product.

Result:  This is the first time this merchandising technique was ever applied to book marketing, resulting in over 100,000 units of an $18.99 children's book being pre-sold in only 90 days.


CLIENT: A $50 million in annual revenue Bible society.

Problem:  Flat catalog sales to churches and individuals which accounts for 60% of their income.

Solution:  Critiqued their catalogs and recommended numerous revisions.

Result: a 20% increase in revenue for each of the next several years.


CLIENT:  20 year old $60 million a year Christian publishing company.

Problem:  Overnight, lost nearly all of its executive leadership and 80% of it's marketing staff.

Solution:  GDFC immediately implemented damage control and crises management principles, organized and managed their single most critical marketing endeavor of the year (International Christian Retail Show), recruited and trained replacement staff.

Results:  The company actually exceeded its sales goals during this transition period by 15% and within seven months was in a stronger financial and staff position than it was prior to the leadership loss.


CLIENT:  100 Plus year old Christian publishing company.

Problem:  Flat and declining sales situation.

Solution:  Complete business, marketing (trade, retail, consumer & church) and inventory reduction plan.

Result:  15%-20% sales increase each year for 5 years.


CLIENT: Leading Christian publisher

Problem:  Seeking growth.

Solution:  GDFC recommended they launch a special religious market sales effort and assisted with staff recruitment and training.

Result:  Over $3 million in new sales annually within 3 years.  This sector now accounts for 18-20% of total sales.


CLIENT:  Small 7 year old imprint Sportswear Company.

Problem:  Wanted to successfully enter the Christian market.

Solution:  GDFC crafted a unique product and marketing strategy that resulted in the first Christian licensed image clothing line. Result:  Exceeded $3.5 million in annual sales in its second year.


CLIENT:  10 year old alternative Christian Greeting Card Company.

Problem:  Needed to boost sales.

Solution:  GDFC crafted a strategy and negotiated a new sales representation agreement and launched a special sales effort that opened an entirely new profitable market channel for them.

Result:  Trade sales more than doubled the first year.


CLIENT: 10 year old $1.5 million a year Christian publishing company.

Problem:  Business turnaround.  They were accruing annual operating losses that were threatening their viability.

Solution:  GDFC  helped them identify and expand profitable cash cow products while eliminating those that were marginal or unprofitable.

Result:  They became profitable within one year and were later sold.


CLIENT:  Big Idea Productions, a $60 million a year children's Christian video producer.

Problem:  Needed to decide whether to produce ancillary products or license others to do so.

Solution:  GDFC analyzed their situation and recommended they license others and not dilute their core creative strength.  Identified and recommended the license partner.

Result:  Extraordinary increased brand recognition plus major new revenue stream of multi-millions with literally no new capitalization investment.


CLIENT:  NavPress - a $20 million a year Christian publisher.

Problem:  New product launch to boost new Bible brand recognition.

Solution:  Complete marketing and unique multiple unit packaging strategy for Message of Hope, a derivative product of The Message.

Result:  The sales of over $3 million units in 18 months and helped make The Message one of the leading modern language Bible translations.


CLIENT:  The leading general market art publisher in the U.S.

Problem:  Wanted to expand its market base into the Christian market.

Solution:  GDFC crafted a strategy to accomplish this objective through a successful strategic alliance with a highly respected vendor to the Christian bookstore and church markets.

Results:  Product placement and sell-through in over 800 larger Christian retail stores in less than 9 months.


CLIENT:  Books by Wire, an FTD type service for books.

Problem:  New startup venture.

Solution:  Complete business & marketing plan for the Christian trade.

Result:  GDFC developed vital strategic alliances, personally enrolled over 350 member bookstores that immediately accounted for 80% of company revenue. The company subsequently ceased operations due to unrelated financial problems of owners.


CLIENT:  Christian Literature ministry.

Problem:  Needed $50,000 in donor revenue for a short term literature ministry project.

Solution:  GDFC developed a low cost narrowly targeted fund raising strategy.

Result:  Direct donations of over $100,000 at a cost of under $2,500.  We also coordinated a publisher/retailer joint venture program resulting in over 2 million Christian books being donated and delivered to English speaking 3rd world nations.


CLIENT:  A 50 year old Christian publisher.

Problem:  Experiencing severe management shortfalls due to dramatic growth.

Solution:  Assessed the situation via extensive analysis report with detailed solutions for each critical success factor.

Result:  Double digit sales growth & record profits.


CLIENT:  Major U.S. based Bible Society with an annual budget of $40 million plus.

Problem:  Needed to dramatically reduce inventory investment and increase inventory turns.

Solution:  Researched and identified four industry best practices that the client could easily implement at nominal added cost.  Crafted 17 specific action steps to reduce inventory without compromising customer service quality.  Adapted an efficient quality order tool to insure against future inventory boat.

Result:  Reduced inventory by $1.8 million in a little over 4 months and increased inventory turns from 2.5 to 3.6 in less than one year.


       Various Other Successful Experiences & Accomplishments:


  • Published a leading Christian marketplace newsletter since 1997
  • Crafted and implemented several strategic alliances for Christian product companies and ministries.
  • Recruited and hired top notch people for multiple Christian organizations.
  • Helped numerous companies successfully take a product or product line into the Christian marketplace.
  • Extensive direct mail marketing strategies and packages targeted to the church and Christian consumer markets.
  • Numerous catalog critiques (B2B and B2C), recommending numerous ways to improve user friendliness and increase sales results with minimum or zero additional investment.
  • Oriented various new marketing personnel from outside the industry for several Christian publishers.
  • Customized key account marketing strategies concentrating on the top 20 accounts comprising 70% of sales.
  • Numerous successful increased sales and inventory reduction strategies.
  • Frequently network with various religious product companies, creative staff and independent contractors.
  • Assisted numerous authors in securing publishing contracts for their books.