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Gary D. Foster


Helping Christian Ministries, Product Companies and Aspiring Writers

Discover New Revenue Streams and Better Leverage Existing Ones

       Founder and President of Gary D. Foster Consulting, a marketing and management consulting service specializing in helping religious product companies and ministries discover and optimize new revenue streams and to better leverage existing ones.  His goal with clients is to help them to strategically move from good to excellent.

       In addition to providing savvy professional counsel to numerous religious product companies in various marketing, product development and management roles, he has been an executive with Focus on the Family where he managed their award winning book publishing operation and $110 million direct mail fund raising division.  He also spent 12 years with the Christian Booksellers Association where he served as President and CEO of CBA Service Corporation, published CBA Marketplace - the premier trade journal of the Christian product development and retailing industry and led numerous marketing related seminars for both product companies and retailers.

       He also served in executive product development and marketing positions with David C. Cook, Moody Press and Moody Magazine.  In addition he has extensive experience in product development, strategic planning and direct marketing.

       Gary has over 30 years of successful publishing, leadership, marketing and management experience, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University plus completed numerous professional marketing and management seminars including American Management Association's Executive Course.  He believes God has called him to model and apply sound management and marketing principles within Christian businesses and ministries.  He also publishes the highly respected marketplace intelligence newsletter, The Foster Letter--Religious Marketplace Update twice monthly.

       Residents of the Colorado Springs area for 28 years, he and his wife Pat recently relocated to western central Ohio to be nearer family and are active in a local evangelical church.




Very Important People–To Me!

I’m rich in people!  True wealth.

Today I express thanks for Gary Foster.  He introduced me to Jerry Jenkins, one of the best selling Christian authors of all time–he’s written over 180 books and sold 70,000,000 books.  One list of Christian Best Selling Christian authors includes his name with C.S. Lewis, Charles M. Sheldon and John Bunyon.  How many books they sold is unknown but what is even more immeasurable is the lives they touched.  I got to hang out with Jerry at his office, see his baseball memorabilia and get a peek into the operation of one of the great Christian writers of all time.  Gary made it possible.

Gary believed in my book before I did.  He adds ideas, knowledge and experiences to my life that help me succeed.  It occurred to me today that he is a man who makes other people successful.  He consults publishers, book stores and writes his newsletters that help people figure out how to be profitable in a business where their accomplishments benefit the authors who write the book and the readers who buy the books.  He’s quiet and steady as he works behind the scenes to clear the path for many of us to take to make it to the Big Leagues and has an immeasurable impact.

That made me think how many others have quietly made an impact in my life–a countless list.  My wife Susan, my Dad and Mom, my brother Jim, Darrel, Carl, Charley, John, Doug, JP, Thom, Ron, Bill, John, pastors, colleagues, parishioners, friends, publishers/editors, readers, colleagues… They keep my dream alive and stoke in me the fire that my life matters.  None of them would think of themselves as heros but as I think of the power of people in my life, they are in my Hall of Fame.

That’s Gary.  Helping me achieve my dreams and in the process of being thankful for him, the value of others increases!

Source: Dan Hettinger’s Blog 11/24/13