What is the difference between

Psychotherapy and Coaching?

The differences are outlined below

Therapy is best utilized when you are in pain, need to resolve past issues, relieve symptoms, and heal. Therapy focuses on relieving pain and suffering. It looks at the past and present problems.

Psychotherapy is done face to face usually in an outpatient setting. Most medical insurance plans cover psychotherapy, if you have a covered diagnosis.


Coaching is best utilized when you are looking to progress in an endeavor, to set and reach goals, to focus better and produce better results in your life. Coaching focuses on the excitement of moving forward in life to new heights. Coaching looks at our passions, and where we want to go and how to get there. If we are stuck, how do we get unstuck and accomplish our desired goals.

Coaching is usually done conveniently over the telephone. Medical insurance does not cover coaching.

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