What is Coaching?


The Power of Coaching

               "Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” - John Whitmore


Coaching is a partnership

               Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a person who wants to reach their potential. It’s a creative partnership that is a thought-provoking process that inspires them to be all that they can be—to live up to their full personal and professional potential.


What exactly do coaches do? They...

  • Provide clients with a framework for accountability.

  • Help clients identify goals and achieve them.

  • Help clients reframe their beliefs in ways that are consonant with their goals.




Individuals, for coaching related to:

  • Relationships

  • Career and transitions

  • Lifestyle

  • Fitness

Corporations, for coaching related to:

  • Organizations/teams

  • Leadership and executives

  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs

Coaches are hired by corporations and individuals because:

  • They want more—more satisfaction, more balance, more money, more peace, better relationships.

  • They want to grow in all aspects of their lives and be productive.

  • They want to discover innovative ways to do things effortlessly.

Does the coach work on personal goals,

or on business & professional goals?


               Both! Coaching inevitably works with all aspects of personal, business, and professional goals relating to whom the client is and what they want.


What is the focus of coaching?

               Coaches focus where their clients need them most.


Questions a coach might help a client address include:

  • What are your goals? Are they based in your values?

  • Where are you now in relation to where you want to be?

  • In order to get what you want from any situation, what are the areas of strength and what are the areas for improvement and focus?

By creating the focus of coaching around what a client wants to achieve, coaches help their clients maintain momentum on that which will make them most successful.


Why does coaching work?

               Coaching works for several reasons:

  • Synergy between the coach and client creates impetus.

  • Well-defined goals support a client to move toward them expeditiously.

  • The client develops new skills, which translate into more success and a balanced life.

Why is coaching becoming so popular?

               Several reasons:

  • Many people are tired of doing what they think they “should” do and are ready to do what they want to do, understanding that they have the choice.

  • People are realizing how simple it can be to accomplish something that several years ago might have felt out of reach. More people are creating the time and resources to invest in themselves for this kind of growth.

  • Spirituality. People are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and work. Companies are seeking innovative ways to grow themselves from the inside out, so that their goals and their employees’ goals can harmonize.

  • With the challenges of today’s economy, it often takes more creativity and ingenuity to accomplish one’s goals. Coaching focuses on how to move forward with the challenges of life today.

Program Choices

Coaching Packages

Three 45 Minute Sessions per month for $330.00.

Individual Coaching Sessions - A 45 Minute Session for $130.00.

We can create a coaching package that meets your specific need.

e-ParentCoach.com: This is an interactive parent coaching program on the web.


e-ParentCoach.com is an interactive parent coaching program on the web. It walks you through a step by step process so you will know what to do in any parenting situation. You will learn how to move from your parenting challenge to what skills you can apply. You will learn the skills that will equip you to be an effective parent. It is not as personal and individualized as Personal Parent Coaching that can focus on specific issues more quickly.


e-ParentCoach.com is your personal parent trainer. You learn at your own pace, at any time, and from any place you can access the web. It is fast, easy, and simple. The only program like it.


As you learn on e-ParentCoach.com, you will learn the process of determining the most effective parenting skills to use under what circumstances. You will also be able to learn each parenting skill.




Our services go beyond Life Coaching and does include support for your daily lives and parenting.  We would like to offer you online services where you can discover ways in which you may be able to work with goals and learn how to deal with difficult situations with your children and how to limit or eliminate your personal frustrations while dealing with them.  Just click on one of the buttons below to go to our additional web sites.