Examples of Program Focus


Marriage Coaching


               Developing an intimate marriage with effective boundaries can be a challenge in todays world. We don’t naturally learn the relationship skills to build an effective marital relationship. We develop negative communication patterns that create damage in the marriage. The challenge is how to change relationship patterns that create pain, suffering, and isolation. That’s what marriage coaching is all about. Knowing what you want in a marriage relationship and how you can reach your marital goals. Marriage coaching is about how you get from where you are at to where you want to go in your marriage. Marriage has the potential to be the most rewarding relationship on earth, but instead becomes the most painful. Don’t let that happen in your marriage. Marriage coaching can bring about effective change and move your forward to the full potential in your marriage.

Parent Coaching: Parenting On Purpose

My goal is to help parents be effective at equipping their children for life. To help you move from being reactive, or overly emotional, and ineffective, to Parenting on Purpose. Parenting on Purpose is knowing what your final parenting goals are, having a strategy to reach those goals, and implementing those strategies to actually accomplish those goals.

Parent coaching is not therapy. We do not focus on the past or mental health issues. If there are blocks that prevent you from accomplishing your parenting goals, therapy may be indicated. Coaching focuses on using your creative power to develop responsibility, honesty, respect, and a sense of right and wrong.

Every family is unique with different parenting situations. My goal is to help you achieve your parenting goals as quickly as possible. I schedule coaching sessions the first three weeks of each month. This gives additional time at the end of each month to put into practice what we have been working on. Sessions are either in person or by telephone. An initial 10 minute telephone conversation can assess the appropriateness of coaching for your situation.


In-Law Coaching


In-laws can be a challenge in family life. There can be so much confusion about boundary issues. Our family of origin and that of our spouse can create confusion in loyalties, commitments, and resolving issues. Sorting out these areas of confusion can help you let go of areas that don’t belong to you and take responsibility for those that do. You can manage what you need to in each of those relationships. This give a peace in those relationships and with your spouse that is precious indeed.

These as just an example of some of the areas of relationship that life coaching can help you in. Your needs may be different, but life coaching can help you reach your goals and achieve your potential. We where created to live effectively and abundantly in relationship. So let’s do it.


Our services go beyond Life Coaching and does include support for your daily lives and parenting.  We would like to offer you online services where you can discover ways in which you may be able to work with goals and learn how to deal with difficult situations with your children and how to limit or eliminate your personal frustrations while dealing with them.  Just click on one of the buttons below to go to our additional web sites.