Coaching Contrasted With Counseling

Life Coaching


The difference between Coaching and Counseling

                Many times these two disciplines can get mixed up and confused. There is a very important difference between the two. I will summarize these differences.

  • Coaching focuses on finding creative ways to reach one’s potential in the future. Counseling focuses on solving painful problems from the past.

  • Coaching moves towards a more productive life getting results to the challenges of life. Counseling helps stabilize their lives and resolve past issues.

  • Coaching develops strategic ways to maximize our lives, while counseling helps stabilize our lives.

  • Coaching builds productive life patterns through accountability and using one’s power effectively, while counseling develops healthy emotional adjustments to life and resolving a painful past.

  • Coaching moves a person towards a brighter future; counseling moves a person through a dark past.


Why Life Coaching?


                The most important area in life is relationships. Everything revolves around relationships. We hope to pass on healthy relationship skills and a healthy history onto our children. Relationships have become very complex with technology, information overload, and conflicting values. The challenges are great and often overwhelming. Life coaching that focuses on relationships helps clarify your goals, develop a plan to reach those goals, and support your in the process.

                There are also two important contributions in recent times that effect parenting.  One is what professionals have learned over the years about children, adolescence, and the parenting process.  There is a tremendous amount of new knowledge about development, how the brain works, how we learn, and a myriad of other contributions to the field of parenting. The second is the power of transferring that knowledge to parents through the coaching process.

                Parent coaching allows a coach to help a parent identify their parenting goals, develop strategies to meet those goals, and then apply the strategies to attain those goals. That is the power of parent coaching!



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