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Who Owns the Problem

Problems are like many things.  They belong to someone.  This is one of the most confusing aspects in relationships.  It causes us great distress when we take on problems that donít belong to us.  When they donít belong to us, we donít have the power to solve the problem.  Children / teenagers are great at giving parents their problems.  Our challenge is knowing how to not take problems that belong to them and how to equip them to manage their problems on their own.  That is good parenting.

It also causes great difficulty when we avoid dealing with problems that belong to us.  They donít go away and they just continue to nag at us.  When a problem belongs to us, we have the capability to deal with it, and when we do, it relieves the stress we have.  e- Parent Coach helps you know how to determine who is the owner of the problem you want to focus on.  This gives you direction on how to deal with the problem.


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