Why Children Disobey
When children disobey, we may think it is because they are just bad kids, we have failed as parents, or they just want to make your lives miserable.  Children / teenagers come into the world not knowing positive ways of getting their needs met.  Itís our job to teach them.
Since they donít know how to get their needs met in positive ways, they are left with two options for their behavior, negative and isolation.  Isolation is the worst kind of punishment.  Examples of the worst kind of punishment society can inflict on a person includes solitary confinement and the death penalty.  So it is natural for children / teenagers to act negatively rather then opt for isolation.

This natural tendency for negative behavior is intensified with childhood disorders, childhood depression, childhood anxiety, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder ( ADHD ), and low self esteem.  So it is natural for children / teenagers to misbehave.  When they misbehave, itís not because your a bad parent, or they are a bad child / teen.  It does mean you need good parenting skills to meet the challenge and be an effective parent.  Your child / teen will benefit in many ways and you will have the pleasure of knowing you did well.


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