How to Cope With Children
Difficulty coping with children/teenagers is more the norm then the exception to the rule.  Children / teenagers present us with challenges all the time.  I have found that the most difficult aspect of the challenge for parents is knowing what to do in specific situations.  Cleaning the house or fixing a gadget can be easy because we know how to do it.  With parenting, we often donít know how to do it.  But, parenting is a skill.  It is a more complex skill, but it is a skill, and skills can be learned.  Thatís what e- Parent Coach  is all about.
e- Parent Coach is designed to help you cope with your child / teen in a number of ways.  The first way is to teach you a step by step process that will let you know what you can do in any specific situation.  What you can do is broken down into steps and specific skills.  Each skill is described so you will be able to learn and apply the skill.  You donít need anyone to tell you what to say in a situation, but you do need to know the skills you can use to say and do what you want to in order to be effective.  How you use the skill is unique to you as a parent.
Once you learn the steps and what skills to use, you will develop more confidence in your parenting.  The second way we will help you cope with your children / teenagers, is to use specific problem behaviors to demonstrate the step by step process so you will know what it looks like in action.  Once you know what it looks like, your specific application will express your own personality and preferences.

e- Parent Coach will help you cope, but our goal is much more.  Our goal is for you to thrive in the your parenting.  When you thrive, you will be able to enjoy your children / teenagers.  That is the best gift you can give them.


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