Dealing with Foster & Adoption Children

Adopted and foster children are a special challenge for two reasons.  The first is that they have a history before coming into your family.  This history is often destructive and has damaged them in various ways.  You are probably well aware of childhood disorders, temper tantrums, childhood depression, childhood anxiety, negative child self esteem, and teen behavior problems.  The damage and childhood disorders are most often acted out on adoptive parents and foster parents.
This is why it is so important to understand the process and information in e- Parent Coach.  As foster parents, learning the process will give you a way of thinking through the parenting role and how to provide a structure in your foster parenting that will work.  It will guide you so you donít get confused and reactive, making the problems worse.  It will help you provide the environment that will help those children in your home receive the nurturing and discipline they need.  Your confidence as a foster parent will also make you a more fulfilled foster parent.

Information in e- Parent Coach will help you understand some reasons why your adoptive children and foster children behave the way they do.  When you understand the motivation behind negative behavior, it helps you be more objective and empathic as a foster parent.


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