Our Parent on Purpose is to help our Child/Teen develop in their life values that will help them get their needs met in a positive way.  Values have to do with character.  It's what determine our choices and how we go about getting our needs met in life.  Most of us adhere to a common set of values like being honest.  Our religious faith is important in shaping our values.  Our faith is what we look to in order to explain the nature of life and how we are to live.  When Values Owns the Problem, we are talking about the passing on of our religious faith and values to the next generation.


Basics of Teaching Values


         Values are taught and caught.

         Values are reflected in the system of rules you use to set limits on your child’s behavior.

         In childhood, values need to be taught directly.

         In Teenage years, due to intellectual changes, your teen will reevaluate values taught in childhood.  They move from the head to the heart or replaced in the heart by other values.

         Authority in teenage years needs to be transferred slowly to your teen.  By the age of 18, if they are capable, they should be making decisions for themselves.


There are three primary skills for when Values Owns the Problem.  For a detailed explanation, click on the button of the one you want to explore.  SR

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