When Relationship Owns the Problem, our Parent on Purpose is to resolve problems, teach conflict resolution skills by modeling them, and to heal broken relationships.  All of these skills develop the bond in relationships.  Relationships are the most important thing we have in life.  If you take away relationships, we have little left in life that is of value.  So to nurture relationships is to nurture our own life.  The more effective we are in relationships, the more we have good relationships, the more meaning we will have in live and the better we will feel about ourselves.

This may be the most challenging skill development category.  That's because it requires us to function in a position of leadership, but also equality.  To effectively heal relationship problems, we have to involve the other person as  equal in importance and influence.  This can feel uncomfortable, when we are used to being in a position of authority.  We can hide from accountability behind our authority.  These skill require us to be accountable, and that can be difficult.  Learning and doing these skills can also be the most rewarding, because they develop intimacy.  Intimacy is one of the deepest human needs we have.  Meeting it is therefore, very rewarding.

There are three primary skills for when the Relationship owns the problem.  For a detailed explanation, click on the button of the one you want to explore

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