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Our Privacy Policy

to Protect You

We at are very much concerned about your personal security.  We have, therefore, established the following Public Policy for you to understand what we will or will not do with any personal information which we receive when you contact us with a question, comment or if you place an order with us.

  1. We will NEVER use your web address which we receive from you on our website for any reason whatsoever other than for our direct contact with you to answer a question, respond to a comment or place an order for our book.

  2. We will NEVER sell, rent or otherwise share with any other company or entity your email or other personal information including your website, city, town, personal address or other personal information which you supply to us.

  3. Our only INTENT is to use your information internally to establish a communication request for a question or comment or to process an order.

Should you have any further questions concerning your information, please let us know and we will get back to you from out contact page.

Thank you,

 Your Capital Celebrations Team.