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Welcome to the “American Tesla Society




The American Tesla Society is a rebirth of the original free energy movement established here in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Nikola Tesla himself, in 1899.  It is our aim to fulfill the legacy that Nikola Tesla began.  

We are home to many innovators. We want to know many more. If you are one, or are aware of a great talent, let us know about them. We are searching for the best talents we can find to participate in our symposiums and articles that we publish.

 Our readers and members make things happen. Get active with us and play a part in finding solutions. You can assist new  breakthroughs in technology. Together we can advance the power house of innovation that made this country great. America is the arsenal of democracy and free thought. Let us show the world what the independent arm of science can do.

 Tesla’s inventions and innovations led the way from a new place in the world. The United States is still the place when it comes to inventors. We know about a lot of other places that envy us, which is good. We aren’t happy with second place so we work and think harder. What Tesla and other greats did over a hundred years ago made this country the center of better technology. Their great deeds were not possible in many parts of the world. We showed then that our country is the most fertile ground in the world for inventors. We support and provide guidance to them. Our support makes them hum.

Advances in medical, nutrition and unique technologies are vitally important to us.  We pass along what we learn and expand our knowledge base. Our information base  may act as a key to new inventions.

We track the latest in independent research, inventions and discoveries. You’ll get it all  here. By shedding light on new innovations we open the door for these talents to meet willing investors.  

Elsewhere on this page you will find various buttons. The most popular is our Questions button. If you got questions we’ll do our best to get you a satisfactory answer. As a member, you deserve an informative reply. This is just one of the benefits of being a member. We’ll give you the unfiltered truth on many topics. We want to hear what you have to say.

We support and identify new and better ideas. We will publish articles by active inventors and researchers. Some will be exclusive only to our page. Inventors will be heard and found here.

The American Tesla Society stimulate new ideas that can be made and manufactured.

We’ll always inform our readers and innovators. It  provides you with a basis to go forward.

The Society’s resources are unlike any other. We cover the gamut of hands on science and common sense physics. We are not hesitant to tell it like it is. If we find a better way, you’re going to read about it.

We challenge poor concepts, but in doing so, we will be clear but helpful in our criticism.  We want you to succeed in your venture.  As a member, you get access to our intimate knowledge base. Our ears are always open to knowledgeable contributors. We’ll keep you abreast of the researchers who are advancing, or have achieved prominence in their fields. Helping others is not only wise, but it is highly rewarding. When students are ready, the masters appear.  Join The Society and meet the masters.




The American Tesla Society will be hosting the “Extraordinary Science Radio Hour.” This program will give you a live interview with some of the world’s most interesting characters. The program will debut sometime in May. We’ll keep you posted. Join us for an hour of fun and enlightenment.. It will be aired weekly for your enjoyment.

Thank you again for coming to our page. We’ll look forward to you membership and continued visits to this page.